Prenatal Probiotics 3-Pack + 1-Month Breastfeeding Probiotic Duo (Save $27.99)


We are offering a limited time bundle: get 3 bottles of the Prenatal Probiotics at regular price and 1 bottle of the Breastfeeding Duo for free.

Prenatal probiotics are the new prenatal vitamin. Allergy prevention starts before birth.

Our Prenatal Probiotics contain strains clinically proven to reduce prenatal vaginosis,  a leading cause of Group B Strep infections and heavy antibiotic use in labor. 

The Breastfeeding Duo is the ONLY infant probiotic of its kind, properly supporting both mom and baby, who are BOTH breastfeeding.

Science shows that the right strains of gut bacteria in a baby’s first six months can support healthy development of the skin and gut. Disruption of the newborn gut microbiome is a leading cause of colic, constipation, sleeping issues, and most importantly, infant eczema. 

Real Ingredients, Real Solutions

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Organic Peanuts

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Organic Hard-Boiled Egg

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Organic Cashews

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Organic Walnuts

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Organic Almonds

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Organic Sesame

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Organic Soy

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are Lil Mixins probiotics different?
Complete System - L Rhamnosus has only been proven to work when taken both prenatally and postnatally. We make it easy with the right solution for each stage. Perfectly Designed - Our Breastfeeding Duo is the only probiotic to recognize the magic of mom and baby working together. The Breastfeeding Mom Probiotic supports mom’s breastmilk while The Breastfeeding Baby Probiotic supports proper use of breastmilk for healthy gut development. The Right Sugars - The HMO’s in the Infant Formula Feeding Probiotic replace human milk sugars that are otherwise missing from formula and essential to feeding the healthy bacteria needed for baby’s gut health.
Why the Breastfeeding Duo?
If breastfeeding, mom and baby need different probiotics to help mom heal and to help baby lay down a healthy gut. Lil Mixins has the only probiotic available to meet the unique needs of the mom and baby relationship.
Is there Milk in the Probiotics?
The HMO’s in the Infant Formula Feeding Probiotic and the prebiotics in the Prenatal Probiotic and the Breastfeeding Mom Probiotics are extracted from cow’s milk. We are required to list “Contains Milk” on the bottle, however there is no actual milk or milk protein in the probiotics. The probiotics can be safely taken by people with milk intolerance or milk allergy.
Should I store the probiotics in the fridge?
Our probiotics are designed to be stable at normal temperatures. They can even handle brief exposure to elevated temperatures. They should be stored in a cool dry shelf. Storing the probiotics in the refrigerator can cause condensation to build which may not be safe for baby.