Prenatal Probiotics 3-Pack + 1-Month Breastfeeding Probiotic Duo (Save $27.99)

$59.99 $87.99

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Prenatal probiotics are the new prenatal vitamin. Allergy prevention starts before birth.

Our Prenatal Probiotics contain strains clinically proven to reduce prenatal vaginosis,  a leading cause of Group B Strep infections and heavy antibiotic use in labor. 

The Breastfeeding Duo is the ONLY infant probiotic of its kind, properly supporting both mom and baby, who are BOTH breastfeeding.

Science shows that the right strains of gut bacteria in a baby’s first six months can support healthy development of the skin and gut. Disruption of the newborn gut microbiome is a leading cause of colic, constipation, sleeping issues, and most importantly, infant eczema. 

We are offering a limited time bundle: get 3 bottles of the Prenatal Probiotics at regular price and 1 bottle of the Breastfeeding Duo for free.

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