Where can I find Lil Mixins Products?

Lil Mixins Peanut Powder is available right here and on Amazon. Sign up for our mailing list to find out when new products become available.

How do I use Lil Mixins to add allergens to my baby's first foods?

Mix 1 tsp of Lil Mixins into breast milk, formula, or your choice of pureed foods three to four times a week. We think the peanut powder tastes great with banana and other fruits, as well as baby cereal.

Will my baby like the taste of Lil Mixins?

We use only the highest quality ingredients so our products taste great for your baby's sensitive palate.

What is the latest science on adding food allergens to into a baby's diet early?

Nearly 150 different studies have been done exploring early introduction of peanuts, eggs, milk, wheat, fish, shellfish, and tree nuts.

The best known study is the LEAP study. It showed that children at high risk for peanut allergy who ate a peanut-containing snack-food at least three times each week, developed an allergy 3% of the time. By comparison, high-risk children who avoided peanuts developed an allergy 17% of the time. The study implies that 80% of peanut allergies in high-risk children might be preventable will early introduction. 

A larger look across all the studies by Ierodiakonou (see study) suggested that "early introduction of egg or peanut to the infant diet was associated with lower risk of developing egg or peanut allergy."

Do all children need early exposure to allergens?

The American Academy of Pediatrics in 2017 recommended that all children should be given peanuts “freely” and children with mild to severe eczema should be introduced to peanuts early.