Childhood Food Allergy Statistics

As your baby starts eating solid food, you’ll probably want to know all the information about their likelihood for developing a food allergy. Here are the cold hard numbers when it comes to babies and food allergies.

When Do Food Allergies Develop?

  • Most food allergies are acquired in the first or second year of life. 
  • More adults are developing food allergies, and half of adults with food allergies report that it developed in adulthood.

How Common Are Food Allergies?

  • Food challenge-confirmed food allergy rates are as high as 11 percent in children. (Liu 2010) 
  • At least 10.8% (>26 million) of US adults have a food allergies, whereas nearly 19% of adults believe they have a food allergy (Gupta 2019)
  • Almost half (45.3%) of adults with allergies are allergic to multiple foods. (Gupta 2019)

What Are the Most Common Food Allergies?

  • The top 8 allergies in infants are milk, egg, peanut, tree nut, shellfish, wheat, fish, soy
  • The top 8 allergies in toddlers and older children are peanut, tree nut, shellfish, egg, milk, wheat, fish, soy

How Severe Are Food Allergies?

  • Among food-allergic adults, 51.1% experienced a severe food allergy reaction (Gupta 2019)
  • In their lifetimes, 38.3% of adults with food allergies reported at least 1 food allergy–related emergency department visit (Gupta 2019)
  • Every food allergy to any food has the potential to be life threatening 
  • Past reactions are NOT predictive of the severity of future reactions

Which Food Allergies Are You Likely to Outgrow?

  • Most children outgrow egg (80%) and milk (65%) allergies
  • Only 20% of children outgrow peanut and tree nut allergies

Treating Food Allergies

  • Peanut, egg and milk OIT) have been shown to desensitize approximately 60 to 80% of patients studied. (AAAAI 2020)
  • Peanut and milk OIT have been reported to induce sustained unresponsiveness in approximately 30 to 70+% of individuals. (AAAAI 2020)
  • The FDA has one approved treatment for food allergy, but more are in the works


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