Baby eating lil mixins

Early Introduction

Early introduction means feeding your baby nuts, eggs, dairy, wheat, soy and whatever food you regularly eat in your house

Start after 4 months old -- when they are ready for solids

About 3 times a week -- a bit more or less is fine. Keep it natural

With 2 grams of protein each meal -- not teeny amounts. Feed them eat real meals

Through their 1st birthday -- after that, feed them exactly what you eat.

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Get Started

  1. FIRST FOODS CHART explains what food textures are safe by age
  2. FAMILY RECIPES -- easy recipes for the whole family

Talk to an Allergist

Watch our Q&A series with allergist Dr. David Felischer and dietitian Dr. Carina Venter. It’s like talking with an allergist -- but no co-pays

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Stay Safe

Benadryl Dosing -- keep Benadryl in the house, and know how much to use


Frequently Asked Questions

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