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The first Infant Egg Powder designed for Early Introduction

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Goes With Everything

We designed Egg Powder to taste great with any baby food

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Takes 10 Seconds

Adding it to your baby's food is faster than cracking an egg.

(Or cooking it, serving it, and cleaning the pan afterwards)

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Made For Baby

The #1 Pediatrician-Recommended Early Introduction Line

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Customer Testimonials

So thankful that a product like this exists! Knowing that I could control the amount and that it was JUST PEANUTS put me at ease through the whole process.

Rachel R. in PA

We introduced peanuts to my son at 5 months when we introduced solids. The powder is very easy to mix into the baby food and my son loves it. Great product.

Emily V. in IL

I got it to add to a baby shower gift and my friend loved it! She was definitely stressed about introducing allergens and can't stop talking about how easy Lil Mixins is to use! 

Sarah L. in NY

My daughter now prefers her oatmeal with peanut powder and is eating more of it! And I feel better knowing that she's less likely to be susceptible to a peanut allergy since we introduced them to her early.

Kelly L. in FL

#1 Pediatrician-recommended infant peanut powder

Early Introduction Made Easy

Lil Mixins is specifically designed to be mixed into whatever food you're already feeding your baby.

Using it couldn't be easier: Just Scoop & Mix

2 teaspoons 3x per week into any baby food, milk or formula.

1 Jar = 3 Months

With over 40 servings in each jar, Lil Mixins lasts until your little one is able to eat peanut butter. 

Made For Baby

The #1 Pediatrician-Recommended Early Introduction Line

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