Stopping Food Allergies One Baby at a Time
Food allergies are the worst. Early introduction helps prevent them.
Big Idea, Lil Beginnings

A few years ago, my son developed multiple food allergies. Soon after, the LEAP study came out and completely changed what we thought about allergies: they can be prevented. I never want any parent to feel the same despair I did. That’s why I’m on a mission to keep babies from developing allergies altogether.

Introducing...Early Introduction

Consistently making allergens part of your baby’s diet has been proven to help prevent food allergies. Lil Mixins powders mix into whatever you’re already feeding your baby. Just scoop and stir!

Recommended by Pediatricians

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends introducing nuts and eggs with your baby’s first bites. Don’t stress — we make it easy!

What Makes Lil Mixins Different
Backed by Science

The studies agree — it takes about 2 grams of allergen protein per serving, 2-3 times a week, to reduce the chance of developing a food allergy. Our foods are pre-measured to just the right amount. 

No Prep Required

Designed to quickly mix into baby food, so it’s a breeze to prepare and safe for babies to swallow. 

Simple Ingredients

Made with the purest ingredients, so you can be sure your baby is getting the best.


We introduced peanuts to my son at 5 months when we introduced solids. The powder is very easy to mix into the baby food and my son loves it. Great product.


Introducing allergens to our son was something my wife and I were a bit worried about, so we're glad we found an easy and simple way to do it with peanuts using this powder.


We mix this into my babies oatmeal for breakfast every other day to prevent peanut allergies that run in our family. Fabulous product.