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Why Recommend Lil Mixins?

  1. Eat Real Food - Lil Mixins is 100% real minimally processed food. 0 sugar.
  2. Improve Caregiver Compliance - Lil Mixins is easy to use. Add 2 scoops to baby's food. No subscriptions or expensive one-use pouches. 
  3. Correct Serving Size - Each serving of Lil Mixins provides 2g of protein. 
  4. Sustained Use - The EAT study showed that regular exposure was key to food allergy risk reduction. Lil Mixins jars contain 48 servings, meaning parents only have to buy it once.
  5. Most Affordable - Per serving, Lil Mixins is the most affordable way to feed nuts and eggs, even when compared to cooking at home. 
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