The Lil Mixins Food Allergy Series

All About Food Allergies is an educational video series Lil Mixins produced in the Spring of 2019 to help explain the science behind food allergies in children, and the current recommendations by the medical community. 

For the series, we flew to Colorado to interviewe two of the leading childhood allergy food experts in the world:

Dr. David M. Fleischer is the Director of The Allergy and Immunology Center at Colorado Children's Hospital and is the co-author of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Guidelines on Early Introduction.

Carina Venter, PhD is a Dietitian in Allergy and Immunology at Colorado Children's Hospital and a co-author of the NIAID Guidelines on Early Introduction.

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Part 1 - The Allergy Problem

In part 1, Drs. Fleischer and Venter give us an overview of what has happened in food allergy research in recent years. 

Part 2 - Most Common Food Allergens

In Part 2, Dr. Venter reviews the most common childhood food allergens in the US today.    

Part 3 - What Is An Allergy?

Dr. Fleischer and Dr. Venter review what exactly a food allergy is, and what it does. 

Part 4 - The Consequences of Food Allergies 

Dr. Fleischer and Dr. Venter review the suprisingly heavy toll food allergies take on families, both financially, health-wise, and psychologically. 

Part 5 - The Latest Developments

We review the latest developments in our understanding of food allergies, and what recent significant studies have shown about food allergies and their causes.