All About Food Allergies is an educational video series Lil Mixins produced in the Spring of 2019 to help explain the science behind food allergies in children, and the current recommendations by the medical community. 

For the series, we flew to Colorado to interview two of the leading childhood allergy food experts in the world:

Dr. David M. Fleischer is the Director of The Allergy and Immunology Center at Colorado Children's Hospital and is the co-author of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Guidelines on Early Introduction.

Carina Venter, PhD is a Dietitian in Allergy and Immunology at Colorado Children's Hospital and a co-author of the NIAID Guidelines on Early Introduction.

Part 1 - The Allergy Problem

In part 1, Drs. Fleischer and Venter give us an overview of what has happened in food allergy research in recent years. 

Part 2 - Most Common Food Allergens

In Part 2, Dr. Venter reviews the most common childhood food allergens in the US today.    

Part 3 - What Is An Allergy?

Dr. Fleischer and Dr. Venter review what exactly a food allergy is, and what it does. 

Part 4 - The Consequences of Food Allergies 

Dr. Fleischer and Dr. Venter review the surprisingly heavy toll food allergies take on families, both financially, health-wise, and psychologically. 

Part 5 - The Latest Developments

We review the latest developments in our understanding of food allergies, and what recent significant studies have shown about food allergies and their causes. 

Part 6 - The LEAP Study

Dr. Fleischer and Dr. Venter review the famous LEAP (Learning Early About Peanut) Study and its implications for early peanut introduction as an active way to decrease peanut allergies among children.

Part 7 - What is Early Introduction?

Dr. Fleischer and Dr. Venter explain Early Introduction and how it can help decrease peanut allergies and other food allergies among children. 

Part 8 - How Often Should Babies Eat Peanuts?

Dr. Fleischer and Dr. Venter review how often babies should be fed peanuts as part of Early Introduction to peanuts. 

Part 9 - How Long Should Parents Feed Babies Peanuts?

Dr. Fleischer and Dr. Venter discuss what the scientific studies tell us about how long to feed babies peanuts to ensure they are getting adequate early exposure to peanut allergens.

Part 10 - Addressing Common Fears And Concerns

Dr. Fleischer and Dr. Venter address the most common fears and concerns regarding giving babies peanuts early on, and what the science says about those concerns.

Part 11 - Safe Peanuts For Your Baby

Dr. Fleischer and Dr. Venter review the safe ways to feed peanuts to babies.

Part 12 - When Is My Baby Ready For Peanuts

Dr. Fleischer discusses when babies are developmentally ready for peanuts, and how that interacts with an infant's risk of developing food allergies.

Part 13 - How Is Eczema Related to Food Allergies

Dr. Fleischer goes over the current understanding of the relationship between eczema and food allergies, and why eczema is the biggest risk factor for developing food allergies.

Part 14 - What Effect Does Breastfeeding Have On Food Allergies

Dr. Venter reviews the research on breastfeeding and food allergies. She explains what mothers can do, and what they should not worry about.

Part 15 - What Allergens Do I Need to Feed My Baby

There are 8 common food allergens. Dr. Venter discusses which ones are important to introduce to infants and why.

Part 16 - Which Food Allergies Are Persistent

Dr. Fleischer talks about the research on children naturally outgrowing food allergies without medical intervention.

Part 17 - Are Food Allergies Genetic

Dr. Fleischer reviews what doctors understand about the relationship between a family history of food allergies and the risk of food allergy in an infant.

Part 18 - One Thing to Take Away

Dr. Venter takes a pause to remind parents of the single most important point when it comes to early introduction.

Part 19 - Why Lil Mixins

Dr. Fleischer discusses why pediatricians are excited about Lil Mixins.

Part 20 - The Future

Dr. Fleischer and Dr. Venter discuss how they believe the future will unfold for children with food allergies and parents attempting to prevent food allergies.

Bonus - Is Cradle Cap Eczema?

A common question - Dr Fleischer talks about the difference between cradle cap and eczema.