Infant Egg Power is Here

Lil Mixins Infant Egg Powder

July 16th, 2019

Today, the team at Lil Mixins is proud to announce the latest product in our line of whole-food powders for infants. 

Lil Mixins Infant Egg Powder is the first product of its kind available to conscientious parents who are focused on early introduction of allergens to their infants. 

Early introduction of certain foods has been proven to significantly decrease the rate of food allergy development in children. 

Lil Mixins Infant Egg Powder is now available for sale in a newly-designed packaging of 8.5oz (240g). One package of Infant Egg Powder contains 48 servings - enough for 4 months of servings. 

A quick look at what makes Lil Mixins Infant Egg Powder unique.

1) Whole Food Only - Lil Mixins Infant Egg Powder contains just 2 ingredients - egg whites, and tapioca starch (a natural thickener). There are zero other ingredients in our Infant Egg Powder, so you always know what your baby is eating. 

2) Saves Parents Time - It can take over 45 minutes to properly prepare eggs safely for infants. Our Infant Egg Powder cuts that time down to less than 10 seconds. Just scoop, mix it into baby's food, and it's ready to eat.

3) Tastes Great - We worked with professional chefs to develop and test multiple baby food recipes incorporating our Egg Powder. Every food we mixed it into (carrots, apples, avocado, banana, peaches, oatmeal, and more) all tasted great with Lil Mixins Egg Powder. Your baby will love the taste.

In addition, Lil Mixins Infant Egg Powder has the following benefits:

  • Non-GMO food
  • Whole food ingredients only (no processed additives)
  • 0g Sugar per serving
  • No-clump guarantee keeps it safe for baby
  • Naturally low in calories, fat, and cholesterol

You can read more about egg allergies, and about Early Introduction.

And be sure to check out our full list of simple recipes using Lil Mixins Infant Egg Powder.  


Lil Mixins is the #1 selling Infant Peanut Powder and Infant Egg Powder, helping moms around the country start early introduction of peanuts and other allergens to their infants and babies.

Learn more about food allergies and your child on our About Page, in our Parent Resource Center, and our FAQ

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