Intro Mix - 1 week TRIAL supply

Get Started with Early Allergen Introduction for Free!*

A trial version of our best-selling Daily Mix one month supply, the Intro Mix one week trial includes 7 of the most common food allergens packaged in individual sticks. 

*Buy the Intro Mix now and receive a credit for 100% of the purchase price when you subsequently buy a subscription of the Daily Mix.

Important: The Intro Mix is a TRIAL version only, designed to give parents the opportunity to try early allergen introduction that is easy, convenient, and strictly aligned with clinical guidelines.  A single week of early allergen introduction is NOT enough to effectively prevent food allergies. Studies show that consistency and frequency are the keys to a successful prevention protocol.

The Intro Mix contains:

Organic Peanut, Organic Cashew, Organic Walnut, Organic Almond, Organic Sesame, Organic Soy, and Hardboiled Egg powder.

Real Ingredients, Real Solutions

Ingredient Callout Image1

Organic Peanuts

Ingredient Callout Image2

Antibiotic-free Hard-Boiled Egg

Ingredient Callout Image3

Organic Cashews

Ingredient Callout Image4

Organic Walnuts

Ingredient Callout Image5

Organic Almonds

Ingredient Callout Image6

Organic Sesame

Ingredient Callout Image7

Organic Soy


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