Put an End to Yeast Infections Now

Pregnancy itch, dryness, and repeated yeast infections spell trouble for mom and baby. Prenatal Probiotics can help.

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Why Prenatal Probiotics

Add the Right Bacteria

Good bacteria should take up most of the space in the gut and vagina. Our clinically proven bacteria strains support a healthy gut & vaginal microbiome

Crowd Out Bad Bacteria

Overpower the bad bacteria and yeasts that cause constipation, bloating, itchy bacterial vaginosis, and yeast infections

Create Healthy Balance in the Womb

Mom passes her microbiome to baby during birth and breastfeeding. Pass on a microbiome that protects against eczema and infections.

Rigorously Studied Bacteria: L rhamnosus HN001 + L acidophilus La-14

Lowered risk of gestational diabetes (GDM)

HN001 is associated with a lower prevelance of GDM, especially for those with a history of previous GDM.

Reduced bacterial vaginosis

La-14 and HN001 are both know to help reduce instances of bacterial vaginosis over time.

Introducing the Lil Mixins Prenatal Probiotic Capsules


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A full trimester's worth of probiotic protection!

"I struggled with horrible itch and dryness most of my pregnancy. I can't believe how fast this helped. I love that it's protecting my baby too!" - Laura

"It felt like I had a yeast infection every month until I tried this. It's amazing to finally pee without pain" - Amanda

Get Prenatal + Free Breastfeeding Probiotic with Our Bundle

or 4 interest-free payments with Shop Pay Installments

One month supply (30 capsules).

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Prenatal Probiotics: Part of a Healthy Pregnancy

High-Fiber Diet

Healthy bacteria need to eat too! A diet rich in vegetables, fruits and whole foods is best

Prenatal Probiotic

Add good bacteria to keep mom healthy

Good Habits

Combine good gut health with good hygine to reduce the chances of infection.

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