Lil Mixins Infant Peanut Powder for Early Allergen Introduction

>> See our Parent Resource Center for all the information you need on Early Allergen Introduction. 

The science behind Lil Mixins is pretty amazing. 

In 2015, the ground-breaking LEAP Study showed that early and regular exposure to peanuts reduced the risk for high-risk babies acquiring a peanut allergy by 80%. 

Yes, 80%.

The evidence in the LEAP Study, the EAT and other studies was so overwhelming, it caused the American Academy of Pediatrics to completely update their recommendations.

Since 2016, the AAP has recommended that all babies start adding peanuts to their diet at ages 4-6 months.

As parents ourselves, we knew from the start that following these guidelines wouldn't be easy. After all, no 4 month old we know of can eat a peanut, or peanut butter - they'll choke. 

So we started from the ground up and made the simplest possible food that exactly follows the AAP Guidelines. 

Lil Mixins Peanut Powder is so simple, it has only ONE SINGLE INGREDIENT - 100% Organic Peanuts.

We take organic peanuts, powder them using a special process that preserves the proteins, and put them into a jar. Our process assures that when you add our powder to your baby's food, milk or formula, it won't turn back into peanut butter and choke them. Instead, it stays safely suspended in their food or milk. 

That way, instead of worrying about how to safely feed your baby peanuts, you can simply scoop some Lil Mixins into their regular baby food and get the job done. Easy peasy.

  • No sugar, no salt.
  • No additives, no coloring, no unnecessary ingredients.
  • No subscriptions, no expensive pouches, no special 7-day programs. 
  • No complicated instructions to follow.

Just a jar of 100% Organic Peanut Powder. Mix it into your baby's food 2-3 times per week until the jar is gone, and you're all set. 

Like we said... Based on Science, Made for Real Parents.