Don't Mess with Breastmilk - AAP Infant Feeding Guidelines

Lil Mixins, or any other food like baby cereal or purees, should not be added into a bottle of breastmilk or formula. 

Unfortunately, there is a long history of companies encouraging parents to add cereals and grains, among other things, to bottles to give babies a taste of solid food. And with early introduction being the new standard for reducing allergy risk, more and more parents are eager to start early — earlier than they should. 

Pediatricians have fought back against this for generations to keep babies safe. It may seem tempting to turn your baby’s drink into a protein smoothie, but here’s why the American Academy of Pediatrics says “no way! to adding anything to breastmilk or formula.

Babies Will Drink Too Little Breastmilk 

Until a baby is fully weaned and on a diverse diet, they get the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and fluids from breastmilk. When solids like baby cereal or early allergen powders are added to a bottle, it can cause a baby to feel full early, and fail to get enough breastmilk. 

Food is just for fun through the first birthday. Solids and early introduction of allergens should never come at the expense of proper breastmilk or formula intake. 

Babies Should Not Eat Solids Until They are Ready for Solids

Adding foods or powders to a bottle introduces babies to solid foods before they’re developmentally ready. 

A baby’s belly is changing and maturing as it grows. Babies are not ready for ground up cereals, proteins, or anything, until they are ready for solid foods, which usually happens between 4-6 months old.

Offering solids in a bottle before a baby is ready can also increase the risk of gagging or inhaling the thickened mixture into their lungs. 

The best indicators of when your baby is ready for solids is when they can hold their heads up and are showing interest in food. 

There’s simply no evidence that starting solids, even allergens, before that point is more beneficial than harmful.  

Start early introduction of allergens when your baby starts solid foods. No sooner, no later!