Why Doctors Love Lil Mixins

3,000 pediatricians shared their thoughts about early allergen introduction and Lil Mixins. The results were astounding: over 90% said Lil Mixins was a great option for their patients! 

Here’s why.

Lil Mixins is Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t 

Lil Mixins protein supplements are made to be long-lasting.  Parents only have to buy it once, and it lasts from when their baby starts solids until they are ready for adult food. 

Each powder is dehydrated, defatted, and ground so that a baby can safely swallow it. Lil Mixins is the only brand to offerd a full tree nut blend, to cover all the tough-to-prepare foods.

Lil Mixins DOES NOT include dairy or wheat because babies easily get dairy from formula or yogurt and wheat from baby cereal. 

Lil Mixins Matches the Guidelines

The LEAP and EAT study were clear — in order to prevent food allergies, babies need to eat 2 grams of protein 3 times a week. The American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines on early allergen introduction say to feed 2g of protein 3 times a week after a baby is ready for solids.  

Every serving of Lil Mixins Infant Powder Mixins has 2 grams of protein and mixes into food, not breastmilk or formula, easily. Pediatricians recommend against adding anything to breastmilk or formula. 

Following these guidelines is the only proven way to reduce the risk of food allergies.

Lil Mixins is Affordable 

Raising a child has never been so expensive. Doctor after doctor told us to remember that parents are on a budget, and they won’t recommend something that costs more than $1 a day. We vowed to make Lil Mixins affordable for all parents.

Every doctor we spoke to was excited to hear that with the Lil Mixins Jar Set, a baby gets lifetime coverage against food allergies for a one time purchase of $85. No subscriptions, no waste.

Lil Mixins Has No Sugar 

Pediatricians are wary of new baby foods because most have added sugar or sugary fruits which can be very harmful for babies. Lil Mixins doesn’t have any sugar or salt. It is a pure supplement of peanut, tree nut, or egg protein and their associated vitamins and minerals — no bad stuff.

Lil Mixins doesn’t use any fillers or other additives either. What you see is what you get!