The Benefits of Postpartum Probiotics

Pregnancy and labor are both incredibly demanding on a mother’s body. During labor alone, a  woman loses 10-20% of the blood in her body

In the first days and weeks of new motherhood, she needs to literally put herself back together, deal with a huge surge of hormones intended to produce breast milk, and regain the strength lost during labor.

We talk a lot about the rest a new mother needs, but not enough about the food and supplements she needs to recover properly.

Mental Recovery

About 15% of new moms have postpartum depression, but up to 85% experience “baby blues” or abnormal feelings of sadness following labor. Thanks to growing research on the gut-brain axis, we now know that a significant portion of postpartum mood can be attributed to a shift in the gut microbiomes of women following the trauma of labor and the accompanying hormone surge.

To properly recover, a probiotic supplement that rebalances the gut bacteria has been shown to reduce the duration and intensity of postpartum depression and baby blues. This is important both for mom’s health and for proper bonding with her baby.


Over 80% of mothers today will attempt to breastfeed their babies for at least some period of time. This can be great for bonding and for baby’s health. Breastfeeding, however, takes a big toll on a new mother. It’s super dehydrating and can drain energy while her stores are already low. 

A probiotic supplement that contains a proper mix of prebiotics (food for healthy bacteria) will make sure that mom is able to produce healthy breast milk for her baby, rich with nutrients. Mom may even be able to pass on bacteria that reduce GI discomfort and skin issues in her baby. 

A happy, fed baby means mom can sleep better! 

Lil Mixins Prenatal and Feeding Probitioics

Physical Recovery

Nothing beats rest for a new mom to recover. Some new moms get urinary tract infections, or uterine infections (following c-section). Bacterial vaginosis is a leading cause of these issues. Using a probiotic proven to reduce vaginosis and restore a healthy vaginal pH can reduce the risk of adding an infection to a mom’s recovery.

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