Infant Probiotics: A Healthy Immune Start

The first six months of life can set-up a healthy...or over-reactive immune system. Support your baby's immune and gut health.

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Our Infant Probiotics Line-Up

The Nursing Baby Probiotic

Helpful bacteria to support a newborn’s healthy gut development, digest breast milk, and resist illness.

The Nursing Mom Probiotic

Mothers can pass healthy bacteria to their baby through breastmilk as well as through nipple skin.

The Formula Feeding Probiotic

The right bacteria (probiotics) + bacteria food (prebiotics) to pull nutrients out of formula, develop baby's gut, and resist illness.

Rigorously Studied Bacteria Strains:

Healthy Skin

L Rhamnosus (HN001) was shown to promote healthy skin such as a reduced risk of eczema by 50% when taken from 3 months prenatal through breastfeeding

A Healthy Childhood

HN001 was shown to promote overall health such as reduced incidence of fever, cough, runny nose, and use of antibiotics

Introducing the Lil Mixins Breastfeeding Probiotic Duo


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The ONLY infant probiotic of its kind, properly supporting both mom AND baby, who are BOTH breastfeeding.

Contains: Nursing Mom Probiotic (30 capsules) and Nursing Baby Probiotic (30 liquid servings + dropper)

Includes baby's daily serving of Vitamin D 

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And the Formula Feeding Probiotics


or 4 interest-free payments with Shop Pay Installments

Specially designed for formula feeding babies to provide studied bacteria strains PLUS the Human Milk Sugars from breastmilk that formula is missing!

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Make Your Probiotic Part of the Healthiest Infancy

Breastfeeding When Possible

Even just 1 week of breastfeeding can help establish healthy gut bacteria.


Protect baby from unnecessary viruses by regularly washing your hands.

Simple Skincare

Protect baby's skin with warm water baths free of chemical soaps

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