Probiotics in Pregnancy Can Stop Allergies Before They Start

Doctors believe that allergic diseases - eczema, food allergies, and asthma - often start in pregnancy. The immune environment during pregnancy and mom’s microbiome affect whether a baby develops eczema and food allergies after they are born.

A mother’s microbiome during pregnancy is a major decider of whether the immune system is healthy or working too hard.  A prenatal probiotic that balances the bacteria in mom, and keeps mom’s immune system from being too active, can prevent a baby from ending up with a hyperactive immune system after birth. 

Support Healthy Infant Gut Development

Given research showing that a baby’s microbiome is directly related to their risk of eczema and food allergies, you won't be surprised to learn that taking a prenatal probiotic can drastically reduce a child’s risk of developing eczema. Even better is that this protection has been shown to last for more than 10 years!

A number of studies over the last 10 years have shown that when moms take a probiotic with lactobacillus rhamnosus at  the 3rd trimester of pregnancy and continue it during the first 6 months, babies are 60% less likely to develop eczema. What’s even better is that because eczema is often the cause of food allergies, supporting healthy gut development with a prenatal probiotic may stop food allergies before they start.

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Fix Disruption of the Vaginal Microbiome

There are benefits of the right probiotics extend beyond baby's development. There are benefits to mom as well. There is a clear link between vaginal health disruption, or vaginosis, and poor pregnancy outcomes. 

Bacterial vaginosis has long been associated with late-term fetal loss and preterm birth - both of which are a sign of a hyperactive immune system. Bacterial vaginosis can also lead to a Group B Strep infection and the microbiome disrupting antibiotics needed to protect a baby from the infection. 

Using a prenatal probiotic is one of the best ways, along with a healthy diet and rest, to reduce vaginosis. Read more about how prenatal probiotics can help moms-to-be!

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