The Symptoms of Baby Eczema

Your baby’s body goes through so many changes in their first year of life. As a new parent, or even as an experienced parent, it can be hard to tell what new bumps and rashes mean for your baby. 

Eczema can be a common source of redness and itchiness on young babies. Here’s what you should look out for if you think your baby’s rash might be eczema. 

The major symptoms of eczema in babies are:

  • Redness - from pink to a deep red
  • Swelling - puffiness of the affected areas
  • Oozing pus or water - the hallmark of an infection
  • Trouble sleeping or crying from the itching

In babies who have the motor control to scratch, you may see

  • Scratch marks or small cuts from nails
  • Skin thickening from the continued damage

Eczema symptoms in babies typically appear on the cheeks, neck, inside elbows and back of knees. More severe eczema can spread to any part of the body. 

baby eczema

I Think My Baby Has Eczema — What Now? 

First, don’t panic. Eczema can be uncomfortable, but there are plenty of ways to help prevent and treat flares

The next step is to talk to your doctor. They can help you identify your baby’s eczema triggers, and also talk to you more about what it means for other allergic diseases like food allergies

Finally, you’ll want to stock up on baby eczema creams. Your baby will need something stronger and more particular than your run-of-the-mill lavender baby lotion. You can read about some of our top picks here.

If you still have questions, learn more about what causes baby eczema and the different kinds of eczema your baby may be experiencing.